Guide to Clear Skin

Everybody loves clear skin. But clearing your skin isn’t easy when you love popping your pimples. Do these tips to have a clear skin.

These tips are based on what I have done and experienced. These are may/may not will work for you. 

You can skip the products if you want to the tips are in the bottom. 

Skincare products:

  1. Have a mild cleanser. Don’t go with harsh cleansers because it may ruin your skin’s natural oils. A product that actually works for everybody is Cetaphil cleanser you can use this for kids too and also for removing your makeup.
  2. Toner. To clean your face and remove your excess oils. I use Pond’s Acne clear toner It actually cleared my skin a lil bit after a few weeks.
  3. Spot/Pimple corrector. To remove your pimples or atleast dry up your pimples, I use Celeteque acne spot corrector gel to remove my pimples, Use this only when needed.
  4. Sunscreen/whitening cream with SPF. To protect my skin from the UV rays of the Sun I use Cetaphil Daylong for sunscreen, I use it every morning. For my whitening cream with SPF, I use Olay pinkish fairness whitening cream, I use this every morning with my sunscreen.
  5. Eyecream. If you have dry under eyes, I use vaseline for my dry under eyes. I use this every night only.
  6. Moisturizer. To bring back the moist in my face, I use Cetaphil Moisturizer and at night I use Mumuso Aloe Vera Gel because it removes my bumps in my skin.
  7. Face masks. These face masks are only when needed when you feel like your face is not in a good condition like stressed and etc. I use Tony Moly, I’m real mask. I only use it when needed when my skin needed to purify, or my skin is too dry, or if my skin is not in the good condition like I have alot of pimples already.
  8. Exfoliator. To remove the dry skin in your face and also to help remove and clean your black and white heads. I use st. Ives blemis control exfoliator to exfoliate my skin.

NOTE: These tips are based on what I have done and experienced. These may/may not will work for you. 


  1. Do not squeeze out your blackheads or whiteheads. Yes squeezing them out is satisfying to watch, but it actually makes your black heads and white heads come more, they will come back after a few months after you squeeze them out and they will be much more bigger.
  2. Do not pop your pimples. A lot of people do this, popping your pimples is not healthy because during the process of popping it dirt inside the pimple will also spread in the bottom of your skin so it will spread the dirt and cause more pimples.
  3. Do not touch your face with dirty hands. Why? Because the dirt in your hands will transfer to your face causing white heads, black heads or extra dirt for your pimples.
  4. Bring a handkerchief or a towel always with you. To wipe off the oils and sweat off your face during the activity because it will make the process of making the pimple slow because it doesn’t have enough oils and dirt to make the pimple.
  5. Drink a lot of water. Sometimes drinking small amount of water causes wrinkly, dry and unhealthy skin, drinking a lot of water gives the skin nutrients and moisture to the face and also will help decrease the amount of pimples.
  6. Eat less oily foods. Oily foods helps increase the pimples in your face also it is unhealthy to your body.
  7. Get 8 hours of sleep or atleast less stress. This tip isn’t just for your face and pimples, it is also for your body, 8 hours of sleep is a need. 
  8. Wash your face morning and night. You need to wash your face every morning and night, apply your skincare routine and it will reduce the amount of pimples and will have the successful clear skin in a month if you continue this tip.
  9. Exfoliate. Dry skin, excess oils and dirt should be removed, exfoliate atleast once in a week.
  10. Do not use any peel off masks. Why? Because it makes your pores much more visible and larger, also the amount the blackheads and white heads will increase, better to Exfoliate than use peel off maks.
  11. Before putting your make up routine, apply your skincare routine and primer. Because if you put the makeup alone, the chemicals of the make up will sink in to your skin causing pimpls and will damage the skin.

Thank you for reading!  I hope this is helpful 🙂 xx

Again NOTE:

These tips are based on what I have done and experienced. These are may/may not will work for you


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